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5 Fun Ways to Revamp Your Home Craft BeerBar

The right home craft beer bar essentials enable you to enjoy your favorite drink any time from the comfort of your home.

Home craft beer bars are ideal for entertaining your friends and loved ones or enjoying a quiet night indoors.

The best home craft beer bar is both decorative and functional.


You only need creativity and the right equipment to create your own bar at home.

Home craft beer bars are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners. This has been attributed to the different beer flavors such as honey, chestnut, and the malted barley.

Additionally, increasing consumer preference for fresh beer combined with the increasing trend of on-premise beer consumption drives the increasing number of home beer bars.

The American Home-brewers Association indicates that approximately 1.1 million individuals in the United States own a home craft beer bar.

Nevertheless, about 40% of them are hobbyists who began in the past four years. This trend continues to grow.

Here’re five fun ways you can decorate your home craft beer bar:

  • Stock different types of craft beer
  • Add an electric fireplace
  • Add a pellet smoker for grilling
  • Mount beer craft or artwork onto your wall
  • Remodel the space

5 Ways to Decorate Your Home Craft Beer Bar

  1. Stock different types of craft beer

Stock a variety of craft beer on your shelves to decorate your home craft beer bar. With several beer styles, tasting new craft beer seems to be the new challenge in almost every bar and winery.

If you aren’t sure of where to start, here’s a list of beer types you can stock to revamp your home bar:

  • Winter warmer
  • Gose
  • Weizenbock
  • Doppelbock
  • German Pale Lager

With these different craft beer, you can make your home bar look colorful, amazing, and appealing.

  • Add an electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces mimic burning natural gas, wood, or coal. They can warm up your home as you enjoy your beer in winter. Similarly, an electric fireplace offers a beautiful and cool backdrop of your interior space.

The fireplaces safely add a natural touch to your home. The ambiance of a burning fireplace suits your home décor, giving it a cozy look and feel.

  • Add a pellet smoker for grilling

Pellet smokers can allow you to grill your food with little smoke being released in your home. It works like a convection oven because it evenly cooks food.

Additionally, pellet smokers can sustain a low cooking temperature for a long period.

If you’re holding a house party, you can use the pellet smoker to prepare the best barbecue for your guests. It releases smoke and holds it around your food for absorption to cook it.

Pellet smokers are energy efficient and economical. Different reviews and comparison of pellet grill brands help make an informed buying decision.

  • Mount beer craft or artwork onto your wall

To ensure that your home bar stands out, mount wall art. If you have a favorite picture or beautiful prints with quotes, you can give your home bar a distinct look.

Display framed pictures or prints on the walls of your home craft beer bar. You can also install a tap system for your home bar, depending on the space available.

Install artwork or beer themed wall hangings onto your wall for elevated décor. Studies have found that artwork can help minimize depression, offer a sense of accomplishment, and improve your self-esteem, atop improving your interior décor.

  • Remodel the space

Guests don’t stay in one place when they attend parties. They move around to socialize, take some beer, or eat. Your entertainment space should be open and large enough to encourage interactions.

Remove extra seats to remodel your space and avoid flow obstruction of your bar space. Make sure the necessary doors are left open to allow your guests to know where to gather.

You can also ask your contractor to give you advice and suggestions on how you can open up your space. With an ideal floor plan, your contractor can remodel your space to create the best bar for entertainment.


The USDA recommends two glasses of craft beer for men and a glass daily for women. Craft beer reduces diabetes risk, atop being rich in dietary silicon that fights osteoporosis. You can enjoy these benefits and more from your home craft beer bar.