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Beer Tasting

Brewpub fare has come a long way in recent years. Beer drinkers want more than beer tasting. It isn’t news that beer goes down well with food. So what’s better than sipping craft beer with delicious food? We’re not talking about bar food, paltry or stale pretzels but a unique experience that involves excellent cuisine or gourmet food. Many brewpubs use now use food pairings with beer to provide their customers with exclusive experiences.

Although several brewpubs have full-service restaurants in addition to onsite brewed beers, newer pubs are launching robust food menus. Also, counterparts are bolstering onsite kitchens and offering different food groups like sandwiches, cheese, salads, fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken wings.


Furthermore, brewpubs are increasingly creating chic foreign-inspired beer cooking, with food influences from distant places like Japan and Italy.  Also, quite a lot of them cater for vegetarians too. 

Another exciting development about beer pubs is a beer and food pairing suggestion. First, they look at specific food constituents and associate them with the six key beer taste categories (malty & sweet, tart & funky, crisp, fruity & spicy, clean, dark & roasty, hoppy & bitter, and sour). The budding combinations between the beer and food are specified, and a dish gets proposed.

Many of these menus are premeditated and centered around the idea that individually, food and beer are good, but together, they make a tasty combination. It’s trendy around the world now; every brewery is changing its style. You can only have so many hamburgers and pretzels until you become fed up.