Colonels Beer

Different Brewpubs around the Country

A beer pub menu in Connecticut features guacamole, mixed olives, pierogi, sausages, chips, cheese, prosciutto-wrapped dates, and Marcona almonds.

Another pub has breadsticks with marinara, pizzas, panini sandwiches salads, and beer cheese. A brewery in Bethel serves burritos and Mexican-driven food.

Some other beer foods are chocolate brownies, beer lemon bars, Porter cupcakes, Citrus beer cupcakes, banana bread, blueberry scones, beer pancakes, spice cakes, and walnut cookies, peanut butter pies.

Common appetizers include beer-battered onion rings, sriracha, honey lime chicken wings, green deviled eggs & ham, beer-caramelized onion dip, scallop ceviche, shrimp ceviche, steamed clams, jalapeno cheese dip.

What’s more? Newer pubs now provide entrees such as bacon pancakes, sausage & mushroom risotto, watermelon ceviche, mac & cheese, bolognese fettuccine, gumbo, tuna melts.

Finally, we need to mention beer BBQ, cranberry, cherry sauce, cucumber dip, vinaigrette dressing, and beer butter.