The Legalities of Selling Craft Beer

If you have a love for craft beers and own a bar or restaurant, you may be wondering whether it is legal to sell your own private label beer. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple. In most states, only breweries are allowed to self-distribute their product which means that in order to get your hands on some of your very own brews, you will need to partner with a brewery that has an established distribution network.

However, there is one exception: if you happen to live in Texas then congratulations! You’re in luck because not only can bars and restaurants distribute their own beers but they can also self-distribute other brands as well! Texas is the only state that allows bars and restaurants to distribute their own beers, wines or spirits as long they have a Brewer’s permit. This type of license is called Beer Distributor License which gives them permission from liquor authorities in Texas for self-distribution onsite under certain rules with limitations–for example not being able sell alcohol if you’re under 21 years old!