Gravity Dispense – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Beer Serving Glossary

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I. What is Gravity Dispense?

Gravity dispense is a method of serving beer that involves allowing the beer to flow naturally from a container, such as a cask or keg, without the use of any external pressure or added gas. This traditional method of dispensing beer is often used in cask ale or real ale serving, where the beer is naturally carbonated and conditioned in the container.

II. How does Gravity Dispense work?

In a gravity dispense system, the beer is stored in a container, typically a cask or keg, and is allowed to settle and condition before being served. When the beer is ready to be dispensed, a tap or spigot is opened, and the beer flows out of the container under the force of gravity alone. The natural carbonation in the beer provides the necessary pressure to push the beer out of the container and into the glass.

III. What are the benefits of Gravity Dispense?

One of the main benefits of gravity dispense is that it allows the beer to be served in its most natural state, without the need for added gas or pressure. This can result in a smoother, more flavorful beer with a softer carbonation. Gravity dispense also allows for more control over the serving temperature and condition of the beer, as it is not reliant on external gas systems.

IV. What types of beer are best served using Gravity Dispense?

Gravity dispense is commonly used for serving cask ale or real ale, which are traditional British styles of beer that are naturally carbonated and conditioned in the container. These styles of beer benefit from the gentle handling and natural serving method of gravity dispense, allowing the flavors and aromas to shine through.

V. What equipment is needed for Gravity Dispense?

To set up a gravity dispense system, you will need a cask or keg to store the beer, a tap or spigot to dispense the beer, and a stillage or rack to elevate the container and allow for proper pouring. Additionally, you may need a beer engine or hand pump to help draw the beer from the container and into the glass. It is important to ensure that all equipment is clean and properly maintained to avoid any contamination or off-flavors in the beer.

VI. How can Gravity Dispense be implemented in a bar or brewery setting?

To implement gravity dispense in a bar or brewery setting, you will need to invest in the necessary equipment and set up a dedicated area for serving cask ale or real ale. This may involve installing a stillage or rack for the casks, as well as a beer engine or hand pump for dispensing the beer. Training staff on how to properly care for and serve gravity dispense beer is also important to ensure a high-quality product for customers. Additionally, promoting the unique flavors and serving method of gravity dispense can help attract beer enthusiasts looking for a traditional and authentic beer experience.