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Colonels BEER The Union of Brewpubs and Food

As a restaurant or bar owner, recognizing what is in your craft beer and where it originates from, are necessary to being a professional and making your business thrive.  It is widely known that beers are made in breweries, and different state laws determine the selling process of craft beers.

Beer Tasting

Brewpub fare has come a long way in recent years. Beer drinkers want more than beer tasting. It isn’t news that beer goes down well with food. So what’s better than sipping craft beer with delicious food? We’re not talking about bar food, paltry or stale pretzels but a unique experience that involves excellent cuisine or gourmet food. Many brewpubs use now use food pairings with beer to provide their customers with exclusive experiences.

Although several brewpubs have full-service restaurants in addition to onsite brewed beers, newer pubs are launching robust food menus. Also, counterparts are bolstering onsite kitchens and offering different food groups like sandwiches, cheese, salads, fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken wings.


Craft Beer Examples

This act provides legitimacy and authenticity, which craft beer drinkers can appreciate. That said, here are some craft beer examples below:

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA

Burial Portal Beyond Nonexistence

Sixpoint Jammer

Abita Purple Haze


Different Brewpubs around the Country

Colonels BeerA beer pub menu in Connecticut features guacamole, mixed olives, pierogi, sausages, chips, cheese, prosciutto-wrapped dates, and Marcona almonds. Another pub has breadsticks with marinara, pizzas, panini sandwiches salads, and beer cheese. A brewery in...

The Legalities of Selling Craft Beers

The Legalities of Selling Craft BeerIf you have a love for craft beers and own a bar or restaurant, you may be wondering whether it is legal to sell your own private label beer. Unfortunately, the answer isn't simple. In most states, only breweries are allowed to...

What Are Light Beers

5 Fun Ways to Revamp Your Home Craft BeerBar

Colonels BeerThe right home craft beer bar essentials enable you to enjoy your favorite drink any time from the comfort of your home. Home craft beer bars are ideal for entertaining your friends and loved ones or enjoying a quiet night indoors. The best home craft...


Colonels BeerColonel has now expanded to include a beautiful beach side named Colonel Reef, located right next to the brewery garden in the historical city of Batroun. The mission of both Colonel Reef and Batroun Municipality is to help Batroun become widely known...

Brewpub & Restaurant

Colonels BeerThe Colonel's brewpub offers its visitors, in addition to the Colonels lager beer, the exclusive tasting of a variety of premium craft beers with Colonel flavors not available in the market. The restaurant complements the beer with matching fresh food and...

Micro Brewery History

Colonels BeerThe world is currently experiencing a craft beer boom - a shift from the mass production of beer by big commercial breweries to the production of higher quality craft beer by small microbreweries. And Colonel is riding that wave to the Lebanese shore....

Although our favorite activity is grabbing a beer, we can complement it with delicious food. Americas beer pubs deliver elaborate dishes that have patrons licking their fingers and wiping their mouth with napkins while they sip culinary beers. They now put almost the same efforts in their food menus as they do to their beer.