Born and raised in Batroun, Jamil Haddad is an adventurer at heart. Growing up, he always had a desire for new experiences and spent much of his time camping, enjoying the outdoors, and windsurfing at Batroun's famous spot Colonel. That very spot inspired the name of Jamil's new endeavor, the Colonel Project, a microbrewery that produces and fosters the culture of high quality craft beer, on a green platform in the heart of Batroun city. But how did it all start? Beer has long been one of Batroun's favorite drinks and that culture nurtured Haddad's own passion for beer and motivated him finally to take up home brewing. But home brewing was not widespread in Lebanon and that made the process hard to learn in the beginning. However, after pursuing rigorous research, attending several workshops in the UK, and touring different breweries and beer festivals in Europe, Jamil finally learned the craft and became proficient at it. Fast forward to a couple of years later, Colonel Beer makes its much-anticipated debut in the summer of 2014! The Colonel Project presents a unique concept to the market; consists of Colonel Microbrewery and Colonel Brewpub & Restaurant.
After a long hot summer day, Colonel rested on the shores of Batroun. Energized by the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, he wished for a beer. But not just any beer, Colonel wanted a beer that was as refreshing, crafted with as much passion, and rooted as strongly in Batroun's heritage and lifestyle as the Mediterranean's waves, which had been breaking against land endlessly for thousands of years. By nightfall, Colonel had set into motion the creation of what would become Batroun's first eco-friendly and independent microbrewery. Today, Colonel shares the dream 'brewed into every drop.
The Colonel Microbrewery seems to be the talk of the town already. It is located in the center of Batroun, a walking distance from the city's historic and touristic attractions and just feet away from the waves. Built on international standards, the microbrewery produces craft beer and distributes it in Lebanon. The brewing process is visible from the pub through a glass separation and tours explaining the beer-making process to visitors are featured. Its eco-friendly structure is fascinating to see, it uses natural lighting and is made up of an interesting combination of eco-boards, recycled wood pallets, vertical gardens and a green roof. 


The world is currently experiencing a craft beer boom - a shift from the mass production of beer by big commercial breweries to the production of higher quality craft beer by small microbreweries. And Colonel is riding that wave to the Lebanese shore. Located in the center of Batroun, the Colonel's microbrewery has a vision of sharing and promoting the craft of brewing.

It is open to beer tours that explain the beer making process and is visible at all times from its Brewpub & Restaurant through a glass separation. Built on international standards, the Colonel microbrewery produces quality craft beer. Based on the classic Czech technology, the brewing process uses only natural ingredients without any preservatives a with special Colonel twists.

Half Pint

Passion Fruit
Half Pint
(350 ML)

Red Irish
Half Pint
(350 ML)

Unfiltered Lager
Pint (620 ML)

Black Irish
Half Pint

Filtered Lager
Pint (620 ML)

Half Pint

junior (170 ML)

Black Irish


2 Litter of craft beer

1 Litter of craft beer


Timmy's -Tripoly


The Colonel brewpub offers its visitors, in addition to the Colonel lager beer, the exclusive tasting of a variety of premium craft beers with Colonel flavors not available in the market. The restaurant complements the beer with matching fresh food and a selective menu of local dishes.

The Brewpub and Restaurant provide a comfortable, naturally lit indoor space and a beer garden that have become home for upcycled furniture and fixtures. Visitors can enjoy their beers and meals in this crafted ambiance while also catching glimpses of the fresh beer live in process across the glass separations.

With the support and collaboration of Batroun Municipality, Colonel has now expanded to include a beautiful beach side named Colonel Reef, located right next to the brewery garden in the historical city of Batroun. The mission of both Colonel Reef and Batroun Municipality is to help Batroun become widely known nationally and internationally for training and supporting young water sport talents to become champions of tomorrow.

You can chill all day long on the shore or just grab a stand up paddle board or kayak and coast along the charming shores. You can jump on a windsurf board and let the wind take you for a ride, then rest at the beach bar and watch the stunning colors of the sky change at sunset while sipping a refreshing Colonel beer. If you are a fan of fishing, you can rent a fishing rod and try your luck. If you feel like going deeper, snorkeling kits are also available for rent. Lessons are available for both Free-diving and windsurfing at a very low rate with experienced instructors. Access to Colonel Reef is free and getting into the water is safe and easy.

“Colonel International Craft Beer Fest:

 A celebration of craftsmanship:

Every year, Colonel and international craft breweries are brought together under one roof in the name of craftsmanship.

The event will also host local and international music bands and a craft food market.

For the fourth time a row we celebrated our most special event of the year: Colonel International Craft Beer Festival 2014,2015,2016,2017 & more to come.






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